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Cancel at any time - No obligation to continue payments
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Buy with Confidence

Affordable Monthly Payments

Instead of paying the entire purchase amount at one time, you can select the lease-to-own option and acquire this domain name by making monthly payments! Choose the payment terms you prefer! We even have plans with ZERO PROGRAM FEES if you select 12-months or less. It's awesome!

Start using the domain now

Once approved, the domain may be available within a few hours. Domains purchased after business hours may be available during the next business day. Once payments have commenced, just provide us with your hosting details such as dns and email settings and you can begin to use the domain immediately. If you don't have it, we can help you create a hosting account.

Cancel at any time!

Nudio offers multiple plans with no obligation to continue to pay for the domain if you no longer need it. Payment plans can be cancelled at any time. You'll owe no additional monthly payments. If you choose to stop making payments for any reason, you will have NO FURTHER OBLIGATION to make any additional installment payments. We reduce your large investment risk by offering the lessee a way out with no penalty. Just stop paying. It's that simple!

Ongoing payments

Installment plans require automatic payments. Each month, your payments will be automatically charged for your next installments, so you never miss a monthly payment or risk losing rights to the use of the domain. If you want to obtain full domain rights and maximum flexibility, you can also choose to pay off the outstanding balance with no additional charge at any time.

Zero Program Fees

If you choose a payment plan with less than 12-months, you will pay ZERO program fees. No fees will be charged on the payment plan if you select to purchase the domain with a one-time payment or up to 12-months. If you choose a longer term plan you pay for the program fee based on your selection.

Domain Ownership

The domain name is held by Nudio for the duration of the installment payments. You do not own the domain yet. However, the domain is guaranteed to be yours if you complete all the required payments. Once payments are completed, the domain will be transferred to you and you will become the sole owner and have full control and authority over the domain name.